St Mary Moorfield Wedding

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St Mary Moorfield Wedding

A St Mary Moorfield wedding at a church I have walked past a million times whilst living in London, although I never knew of its existence until Jane booked me to photograph hers and Matt’s wedding there. Its rather tiny and unassuming entrance is between a Cards Galore and a pawnbrokers, yet once you’re inside it feels like a rather ornate tardis with wood panelling, high ceilings and majestic chandeliers.

Jane got ready with her family in one of the swanky suites at the South Place Hotel, then took the very short walk down to the church. The man in charge, Father Peter, allowed me free rein in the church; a privilege which is getting rarer these days. He conducted a warm and humorous ceremony, not least because after he’d pronounced Jane and Matt married, and invited Matt to kiss his wife, a hushed voice whispered to him that he had in fact forgotten the exchange of rings. This little formality was dealt with amidst laughter and clapping, and at least Matt got to kiss Jane again. Bonus.

A Routemaster took us to 6 St Chad’s Place, one of my favourite London wedding venues. Tucked away down a side street in Kings Cross, it’s a great space with warm lighting, an open feel to it and needing very little in the way of additional decor. I’ve photographed a number of weddings there over the years and love how couples can put their own unique stamp on it. Jane & Matt had chosen not to have a sit down formal dinner, so canapés preceded larger sharing plates and bowl food, and the cocktails flowed.

No cutting of the cake either, it was a help yourself set up with delicious bite sized cupcakes. The lack of formality gave the day a really laid back feel; friends and family talking, laughing and sharing good food and drink together. Just what a wedding should be.

Favourites from Jane and Matt’s St Mary Moorfield wedding are right here…

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By Lyndsey

Award Winning wedding photographer working in London and throughout the UK. Voted the best UK wedding photographer in 2017 Wedding industry awards.


  1. Gorgeous images Lyndsey. I keep finding new gems! You’ve captured all the emotions so well. Those flower girls really are the stars of the show!

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