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authentic wedding photography in London

Authentic wedding photography for couples who want uncomplicated, genuine, and emotive storytelling of their day. Couples who want to spend the day with their family and friends, not their photographer. Couples who want to get married and party like it’s 1999, not have a fashion shoot. My unobtrusive style enables me to tell your story with authenticity that is as beautiful as it is honest. I focus on the narrative of the day, telling your story with the tiny interactions and the subtle nuances that make your wedding day unique. Take a look at some wedding stories below to see how I document a wedding day, the types of moments I capture, and how I frame the scenes in front of me.

Natural, unposed, & unobtrusive wedding photography

I have been a wedding photojournalist for over 15 years, and in that time I’ve documented weddings of all sizes, styles, and religions, all over the world. From beach venues 15 minutes from my house to weddings as far afield as the Rajasthan desert in India and a Creole cottage in New Orleans, I aim to give my couples a completely authentic portrayal of their wedding: natural, heartfelt photos that show the true atmosphere, the intimate moments, and the unique scenes that make their day 100% theirs. All of this while making each photo look like a mini-work of art.

For every wedding, I always have the same approach. I don’t direct the day, set anything up, or pull you out of the day & the moment to create something artificial. I photograph from the inside, the very heart of your wedding, telling the story of your day with a set of truthful, joyous images that will sit happily alongside your memories of the day and take you right back to it every time you look at them. 

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Head over to the blog, where there’s plenty more to see. From London weddings to destination weddings, outdoor weddings to town hall weddings. No clichés, all heart. Fill your boots…!

For over 15 years, I have been documenting weddings with the same relaxed approach. My natural and unposed style allows me to capture authentic moments, real emotions, and genuine humour. Love everything you’ve seen and ready to get in touch?

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Authentic, bold, and moment-driven wedding photography for couples who value great storytelling and a “hands-off” approach.

With a distinctly original style that’s unposed, uncontrived, and nuanced. Carefully observed, empathetically captured to give you unique photographs full of personality and joy.

authentic wedding photography