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London Wedding Photographer


Best Wedding Photographer in England 2017 – TWIA


The UK’s top Wedding Photojournalist of 2016 – WPJA


The UK’s top Wedding Photojournalist of 2019 – WPJA


Top 10 Wedding Photojournalist Worldwide 2019 – WPJA








Award winning London documentary wedding photographer. I tell stories with an artistic eye for detail, capturing genuine emotion and unscripted moments.


“I am not dead; I am in Herne Bay” so wrote the artist Marcel Duchamp on a postcard to his friend in 1913. This corner of the east Kent coast does hold a certain appeal, and after living in London since the mid-nineties, I relocated here. I now live a stone’s throw from the beach with the two men in my life  –  my husband Steve, another photographer, and Ozzy the French bulldog. It’s a beautiful and inspiring place to live, particularly in winter when the beaches are empty and you can get a fireside seat in the pub.


Alongside photography, I love nothing more than a rummage through a junk shop (especially the ones in Ghent), have a (slight) obsession with ankle boots, Art Deco, and West German pottery and I’m at my happiest on the beach at sunset with hot pizza, cold wine and good company: J.M.W Turner said the skies here are the best in the world, and I would have to agree.


I studied Fine Art but have always been drawn to photography as a medium of visual communication. I’d photograph school friends on a little Olympus OM-10 film camera, then develop the films during my lunch break. I photographed my first wedding way back in 2003 (it was a disaster. Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you about it), then over the next few years I shot album covers, dabbled in birth photography, and was on the team that covered the 2005 Cannes Film Festival for French newspaper Le Monde. The transition from doing the odd commercial job to being a full-time wedding photographer wasn’t a great epiphany: I photographed a few friends’ weddings in 2007, they loved the pictures and recommended me to their friends and it snowballed from there. By 2009, I was photographing weddings full time.


You’ll see from looking around my site that my approach to wedding photography is very natural and “hands off”. Whether you want to call it documentary wedding photography, reportage wedding photography or even wedding photojournalism, it all amounts to the same thing; I won’t stop any of the proceedings, set shots up, boss you around or ask anyone to pose for the camera. In short, you’ll barely know I’m there, which means you can enjoy the day fully knowing every precious moment is being captured. Read more about my approach to wedding photography here.


In 2019 I shot my 350th wedding, so you can be assured that I have the experience to handle anything your wedding day throws at me! I’m proud to have won numerous awards from the world-renowned Wedding Photojournalist Association, and in 2016 was ranked as their top UK Wedding Photographer, coming 11th worldwide. In 2019, I was ranked once again as the UK’s top Wedding Photojournalist and came 9th worldwide. In late 2016, I won the awards for ”London and South East Best Wedding Photographer”, and ”Best Wedding Photographer in England” in the national finals of The 2017 Wedding Industry Awards. The TWIA recognises and awards excellence in the wedding industry and is the only UK competition where you are judged not only on your photographs but by what your previous wedding couples have to say about you. You can read some comments from my lovely couples here.

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