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Trinity House Wedding // Kate & Indy

I love a London wedding, and when you can see one of the City’s most iconic landmarks as you say your vows, you really do feel like you are at the heart of the City. Kate and Indy chose Trinity House, overlooking Tower Bridge, for their wedding day. It was a bitterly cold day, with snow flurries and an icy wind. The warmth of an American bride with a huge smile and the sweetest nature, plus the array of amazing Indian food made the atmosphere inside Trinity House feel anything but. The ceremony was touching and emotional, and incorporated the couple giving a specially designed ring to Kate’s daughter. Amongst the guests on the day was a very special little girl named Ruby. A classmate of Kate’s daughter, when Ruby was 5 she collapsed at the school with massive heart failure.  She sustained a life-changing brain injury and is relearning skills once taken for granted. To raise funds & hope for Ruby’s ongoing neuro-rehabilitation, Kate and her family helped share Ruby’s recovery story (

Champagne and canapés preceded some of the most delicious Indian food I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating, provided by  Cafe Spice Namasté (regular readers of my blog will know that I am a big fan of Indian feasts a wedding!) .Speeches followed, and a few anecdotes and tributes to the couple from their friends and family, including a rather unique game where the blindfolded groom must identify his wife by the feel of her leg (in a line up of other, well, legs). Upon identifying his bride, he must then drink champagne out of her shoe. Good on Indy for playing by the rules!  A wonderful couple, I had a great time covering their wedding, and some favourites from it are below

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By Lyndsey

Award Winning wedding photographer working in London and throughout the UK. Voted the best UK wedding photographer in 2017 Wedding industry awards.


  1. Great set of images. It looks like you perfectly captured the story of their day. I also like the fact that much like a wildlife cameraman you have a policy of not intervening in natural circumstances 😉 It’s the sign of a good photojournalist!

  2. Top work as always. You are too good at blogging. Lovely images. Not sure I could have played by the rules if I had to drink champagne out of anyone’s shoes. Indian food and sitar wow lovely. Really like the images of the little girl receiving her ring and by the cake with parents.

  3. These photos are a lovely reflection of a marvellous day. We were so sad that we had to miss your fantastic celebration of marriage.

  4. Lyndsey’s photograph collection is a treasure of sensations we remember and sights we never saw.

    We’ve been hoarding these images – which will last a lifetime, sharing them slowly, savouring as viewer by viewer recalls something about their day with us.

    To those who we’re meeting first here, welcome.

    If you’ve stumbled upon our story because you’re considering asking Lyndsey to document your wedding day, don’t hesitate. She saw occasions and angles that no other photographer would have captured. And did so with a grace and ease that makes her invisible. She treads lightly, and leaves you with a remarkable collection.

    @Rob – you’re spot on. And just to assure you: no children were harmed in the making of our marriage.

    @Tom – thank you. In fact, the girls sang. We chose a Shaker song called Simple Gifts. It’s based on a Celtic tune you may recognise as “Lord of the Dance”. I learned it at primary school, and it’s been rattling around in my head for 40 some years. It contains the line: Where we ought to be. My husband and I adopted that as our mantra when we were figuring where as a family to live. The letters WWO2B are inscribed inside our wedding bands.

    @Tina – the game was a total surprise. Indy navigated an edgy situation with aplomb. I brought us back from the edge with an impromptu speech of thanks. And my shoe dried quickly.

    But all this is just margin notes. If I ever tried to describe our wedding day, words would fail. Lyndsey’s pictures tell the story so much better than I ever could.

    Thank you, Lyndsey. For everything.

  5. When we received the beautiful album of Kate & Indy’s wedding pictures, we took such delight in each festive image. The joy of the event and the effervescent happiness of bride and groom are so beautifully captured in these photographs. I especially love the pictures of the children, whose presence was such an important part of the celebration. We’ve had the chance to share the album with family members in America, and it has been lovely to see them react to the warmth and merriment so evident in these photos. Thank you, Lyndsey, for your artistry. We could not have a more wonderful keepsake to remember that very special wedding. And by the way, how did you manage all of this without being visible????

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