Wedding Portraits by Award Winning Wedding Photographer
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“You don’t need to see the whole person to produce a portrait that feels
revealing, personal and intimate. Sometimes a suggestion or small detail may
fuel the imagination, taking the picture away from being a simple description
and making it more real and significant.”

Elliott Erwitt

Wedding portraits should say as much as they can about the two of you, about where you have chosen to become bound to each other, who you are as a couple. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone else’s idea of a perfect portrait; a sunset and rolling hills are all very well, but what happens if you get married in an urban town hall and it rains? Throw away preconceived ideas and ideals, and let’s take some pictures that incorporate the location, the weather, the light, the moment. And let’s not take too long doing it, there’s champagne to be drunk, canapés to eat and old friends to talk to. With this in mind, I’ll never ask you for more than 30 minutes of your time, usually during the drinks reception, to capture some relaxed, honest portraits of the two of you.

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