documentary wedding photography

“happiness, not in another place but this place….not for another hour, but this hour.”

Walt Whitman

Genuine, unscripted wedding moments. Your story told with humour, honesty, and compassion.

Looking through the images here, you’ll see that they are all unstaged documentary wedding moments. Mostly fleeting, the “blink and you miss it” kind that make up the whirlwind of emotion that is a wedding day. The kind of moments that you’ll want capturing and preserving, because years from now they will serve as a reminder of exactly how you felt at that moment; the crazy, beautiful, exhilarating joy of the day.

Humour, creative framing, and above all, genuine emotion

These are the mainstays of my work, and these three factors are always at the forefront of my mind when I am documenting a wedding day. For over 15 years, couples have been trusting me to tell the story of their wedding through my moment-driven photography. Always authentic, often humorous. The little, seemingly imperceptible moments which hold great weight and meaning for you, alongside the big moments which scream “WEDDING!”. These all weave together to tell the unique story of your day. The scenes that excite me at weddings are not necessarily the ones I could have imagined or expected, but the ones that pop up in front of me and are unique to that time, that place, and those people at that very moment. It’s why I absolutely love what I do; how can you ever be bored or get complacent when you have no idea of what will happen and, to paraphrase Edwyn Collins, the possibilities for great photos are endless? Good documentary wedding photography is about being in the right place at the right time. It’s about timing and skill and anticipating the moment, and being ready to react when the moment presents itself.  Not staged, not contrived. Just real, honest wedding moments, captured discreetly and creatively to tell the unique story of your wedding day.

Think my documentary wedding photography style is right for you?