The Refinery Wedding Photography
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The Refinery Wedding Photography

The Refinery Wedding Photography

When Amy first contacted me about her wedding, she told me it would be small. ”Great,” I said, ”I love an intimate wedding. How many people?”. ”Just Rodrigo and me, and 3 witnesses”, said Amy. Tiny indeed. My invite arrived (yes, really!) and on a sunny day in May, Amy and Rodrigo said ”I do” in front of their three close friends, and me. To say I felt a part of this day would be an understatement. I took black cabs with them, drank champagne with them, ate dinner with them. To photograph their wedding and be involved in such a private day was an amazing experience. So I say thank you to Amy and Rodrigo for my first trip to the Oxo Tower (WOW), the memorable meal at the fabulous Anchor and Hope, and the evening at The Refinery, and wish them good luck with the next step, living The American Dream. Here are some favourites from their day…….

The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography001 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography002 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography003 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography004 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography005 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography006 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography007 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography008 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography009 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography010 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography011 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography012 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography013 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography014 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography015 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography016 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography017 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography018 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography019 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography020 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography021 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography022 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography023 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography024 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography025 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography026 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography027 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography028 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography029 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography030 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography031 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography032 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography033 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography034 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography035 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography036 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography037 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography038 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography039 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography040 The_Refinery_Wedding_Photography041

  • Martin Beddall
    Posted at 12:50h, 21 June

    Excellent job Lyndsey – they must be delighted with those images. Perfectly highlights how weddings don't have to be big to be special and create great photographs.

  • Lyndsey
    Posted at 12:54h, 21 June

    Thanks Martin. It's so great being able to photograph something so small; I really enjoyed the day alongside the couple, who were just brilliant.

  • Primp and Preen
    Posted at 16:46h, 21 June

    Gorgeous as ever!

  • Lyndsey
    Posted at 16:52h, 21 June

    Thanks Rosalyn x

  • alessia
    Posted at 20:29h, 21 June

    Wonderful pictures!!! I was there and Lindsey really managed to capture the atmosphere… I want to get married again only to have such an album myself!!

    really great work


  • Lyndsey
    Posted at 10:02h, 22 June

    thanks for your lovely comments Alessia!