Same Sex, Gay, & LGBTQ Friendly Photographer

Same Sex, Gay, & LGBTQ Friendly Wedding Photographer

I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 14 years and in this time have photographed over 400 amazing weddings and civil partnerships all over the UK, Europe, and beyond. Love is love, and I am a big believer that every couple has the right to marry who they want, where they want, in the type of ceremony they want, and have amazing photographs to boot. Whether photographing a straight wedding, a same sex, gay, or LGBTQ wedding, I want my couples to feel 100% confident to be themselves.

All the couples I’ve worked with will tell you I’m a friendly and calming presence on the day, never overbearing or ‘in your face’. My style is relaxed and observational, and my approach is gentle and discreet. This, coupled with my diminutive size and ability to blend into any social environment, enables me to get right to the heart of your wedding and document all the big moments and tiny details without you feeling you are being photographed or on display. This allows you to enjoy every wonderful experience and feeling that your wedding day throws at you, and to fully be yourself, safe in the knowledge you’ll have an authentic, beautifully composed portrayal of the day.

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An experienced photographer who you can trust to tell your story with honesty, compassion, and a sense of humour.

Whether you’re having a straight wedding or a same sex wedding, you can rip up the rule book on formal ‘traditions’ and do things your own way. At some of the gay weddings I have photographed, the couple have walked down the aisle together. At others, they have walked in on the arms of their mums or on the arm of their sister. You can also walk down on your own, but separately, meeting together at the end of the aisle. The ceremony room at Art Deco gem, Eltham Place, is perfect for this. There are two separate staircases which enter into the main, round hall. When Chris and Niall got married there, they each walked down the stairs on the arm of their mum, then met in the centre of the hall. Such a beautiful way to start the ceremony!

Another tradition which you can do away with, if you wish, is having a best man and bridesmaids. You can have best women, groomswomen, bridesmen, or no wedding party at all. Whatever you chose, there is no rule on gender identity or sexuality for each role. Choose who you want to knock back the Prosecco with you in the morning and cheerlead you through the ceremony!

We are so pleased with our wedding pictures by Lyndsey. She’s captured every moment and the mood of the day perfectly, and all done very discreetly and without you hardly noticing she’s there. We wanted reportage wedding photography as we really didn’t want staged shots. Lyndsey’s photos provide a very natural, storyboard for the day, with all sorts of unexpected charming, romantic and funny moments we wouldn’t otherwise have remembered. She has a great talent for capturing movement and creating pathos, somehow harnessing the light and getting it to shine on all the most important people and parts of the pictures. Beautiful! Not only that, she’s a lovely and accommodating person to work with. We can’t recommend her highly enough. “

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Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Below you can click through to see some of the gay and same sex weddings I’ve photographed throughout London and the UK. Whether you are a lesbian couple, a gay couple, bisexual, or transgender, you can be assured that I will make you feel comfortable and confident with me as your wedding photographer. Your wedding is a celebration of your love for each other, shared with those you adore and cherish the most, and I would love to document this for you.

The photos are absolutely wonderful – exactly in the style we were hoping for. You have managed to capture so many moments from that day! We couldn’t be more pleased with the images, and with the professionally assured way you guided us through the whole process – so a massive thank-you to you.


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If you’re looking for a same sex wedding photographer and like my relaxed, storytelling approach, let’s chat!

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