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Holdsworth House Wedding // Rachel & Dan

Holdsworth House is a gorgeous country manor and one of Yorkshire’s top wedding venues. Built in 1598, it has provided a bed for many a famous guest including Jane Mansfield, The Beatles, The Small Faces, and the lovely Miss Cilla Black. On a rainy Saturday between Christmas and New Year, it played host to Rachel and Dan and their guests for their wedding celebrations. The day started at Rachel’s parents. Her poor dad was suffering with a terrible cold and greeted me at the door with a Lemsip in one hand and his speech in the other. Once the girls returned from the hairdressers it was all systems go; makeup up on, dresses on, and fortunately waterproof mascara on as the gift Rachel received from her parents had her and her 2 sisters in floods of tears. On to the church where a very nervous Dan was waiting for his bride. There was a small problem with the heating (there wasn’t any), and as the couple said their vows, I could see their breath. Beautiful ceremony over, we headed over to Holdsworth House for the reception. The fires were lit and the cosy rooms were a welcome respite from the bitter wind outside. On to the wedding breakfast and speeches, and an impromptu acapella performance by Rachel ( a music teacher with the voice of an angel) and 3 friends, which had everyone in stitches. Rachel and Dan opened the dance floor with their first dance, and everyone piled on to join them shortly afterwards. A great day with a great couple. Some favourites from Rachel and Dan’s Holdsworth House wedding are below, and comments are, as always, welcomed and appreciated

By Lyndsey

Award Winning wedding photographer working in London and throughout the UK. Voted the best UK wedding photographer in 2017 Wedding industry awards.


  1. Excellent Lyndsey, I especially liked the ones of the bride holding up her shoes, and the bride under the umbrella getting out of the wedding car.

  2. Nice photos Lyndsey, I like all the photographs. Wedding is a special day, and everyone wants everything is perfect and documented, and I must say this is perfect documentation.

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