Clapton Country Club Wedding Photography London
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Clapton Country Club Wedding

Clapton Country Club Wedding

clapton country club wedding

Clapton Country Club Wedding // Siân & Craig


Siân & Craig got in touch with me about their Clapton Country Club Wedding after seeing the photos I had taken for their friends, Nikki & Sam, at their wedding at Hampstead Pergola Gardens on a mega hot day in May 2017. The wedding was to take place in late September at my favourite London ceremony venue, Stoke Newington Town Hall, followed by a reception at Clapton Country Club. The girls got ready at the Town Hall Hotel, with the makeup brushes being wielded by the talented KatieOnce everyone was ready, we headed out to get taxis to Stoke Newington Town Hall where the guests were gathering. Travelling with the bride and her father is always a privilege as it’s such a special time for both of them. Sometimes the mood is a little pensive if the bride (or her father!) is feeling nervous. Sometimes it’s full-on laughter and energy. The journey with Siân and her dad was a lot of fun; there was laughter, hand holding, emergency deodorant applications and waving at bus drivers. The light in the town hall was beautiful as Siân made her way down the aisle; a perfect shaft of sunlight lighting her up like a star of the Hollywood Silver Screen. The ceremony was brilliant; raucous laughter mixed with tears. They literally ran out of the town hall and leapt into a shower of confetti, and then it was on to the pub over the road for a quick pint before heading over to Clapton Country Club. The vibe there was very relaxed; festoon lighting, long sharing tables with party hats and paper bibs for the big bowls of spaghetti they’d all be tucking into. The evening was peppered with speeches, including one from Siân which was AMAZING, and a brilliant pub quiz hosted by Craig’s best man donning a very cabaret-esque gold sequinned jacket. The party kicked off with a huge glitter ball pinãta full of sweets and confetti before everyone hit the dancefloor. This was my first Clapton Country Club wedding, although I have since shot another wedding there (the venue’s very first licensed ceremony, in fact!). It’s now up there with my favourite London venues; it has lots of interesting nooks and crannies, a really laid back industrial vibe, and great space both indoors and out, all right in the heart of East London. What’s not to love?

stoke newington town hall wedding confetti stoke newington town hall clapton country club wedding clapton country club wedding clapton country club wedding clapton country club wedding Clapton Country Club Wedding

If you’re having a Clapton Country Club Wedding and like what you see, please get in touch!

Siân & Craig – Clapton Country Club Wedding

“Thank you so much for these, we LOVE them. You captured the day, along with all the lols and love”

Clapton Country Club Wedding

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