Burgh House Wedding
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Burgh House Wedding

Burgh House Wedding

Burgh House Wedding Photography // Jen & Carter

I’m a sucker for a romantic ‘how we met’ story, and Jen’s first email to me had me from the start. ”My name’s Jen”, she wrote, “I’m from London and Carter‘s from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We met in a pub in London in 2014 while Carter was studying at the Globe, he asked me to cycle across America with him two weeks after we met and six weeks later we were on the road.” Fast forward to July 2017 and the day of their Burgh House wedding. I started coverage with the guys getting ready. There was a lot of eating, chatting, gifting (funky socks) a bit of ironing, and some googling on how to fold a pocket square. I then headed over to the girls, who were spending a relaxing morning at Jen’s sisters. There was eating, gifting (antique earrings; a family heirloom), and making bouquets. I headed over to Burgh House in Hampstead where the guests were gathering and the drizzle had now become torrential rain. It didn’t stop all day. It didn’t matter. There was enough happiness in the room to make it feel like all the sun in the world was shining on them. Cheesy, yes, but true. Jen’s dad walked her down the aisle and the ceremony, which was performed by their friend, was really personal and beautiful. It ended with two of Carter’s friends, a talented bunch of musicians & actors, performing an amazing rendition of “Jackson” which had people up dancing (and gave me an earworm for the rest of the day. There are worse songs to be playing on a continuous loop inside your head.)

After drinks and nibbles amongst the provocative artwork, everyone shifted to The Star, a lovely little boozer in Highgate. The dining room was cosy and atmospheric as the rain pelted down outside. Ah, summer. The speeches, which are a favourite part of the day for me, were lovely. Both Jen’s parents spoke beautifully and eloquently about their daughter, and Carter’s friends performed a spine-tingling, toe-tapping Barbershop rendition of “Take Good Care of My Baby”. After dinner, everyone moved upstairs to get stuck into the heavily laden cake table, and the amazing Flash Mob Jazz set up downstairs. The party got going and it felt like we were in a 1920’s speakeasy, all smoky jazz and wild dancing. Amazing day with the wonderful Jen and Carter at their Burgh House wedding, favourites are below.

burgh house wedding


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  • suzanne fossey
    Posted at 09:47h, 08 October Reply

    I’m loving those boys’ prep shots! Great set of what looks like a fun day. Bet they love you!

  • Lee Maxwell
    Posted at 11:29h, 11 October Reply

    I really like this set! There’s a vibe/mood to it all that really engages the viewer. Looks like some great singing on the dance floor!

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