Best Wedding Photography of 2018

best wedding photography 2018
best wedding photography 2018


It feels like déjà vu here in my office. This happens every year. I sit at my computer wondering where the hell the previous year went, with a stack of images to go through to create my annual ”Best Of”’ roundup. But before you think that I don’t enjoy this self-imposed Groundhog Day (80’s clothing optional), let me tell you that I LOVE IT. It’s the only time of year that I sit down and look at everything I shot over the last 12 months; every confetti throw, every emotional speech, every attempt at the caterpillar on the dancefloor, every proud parent, every scene of chaos, every scene of pure happiness. This year is no different from any other year, in that the images which make the cut are rarely the big “weddingy” moments. Shots of brides walking down the aisle? I think there’s just one (Siân in a beautiful shard of sunlight at Stoke Newington Town Hall, trying to hold back tears). Emotional father/daughter dance? If you count Christi and her dad rocking out with his air guitar, then yes, there’s one of those. A detail shot of the bride’s shoes? Yep, there’s one of those. But they are not artfully arranged on a windowsill. They are on the bride’s feet (the incredibly dressed Hannah), with a flash of leg as she prepared to climb through a hatch at the top of London’s only lighthouse.

The scenes that excite me at weddings are not necessarily the ones I could have imagined or expected, but the ones that pop up in front of me and are unique to that time, that place, and those people at that very moment. It’s why I absolutely love what I do; how can you ever be bored or get complacent when you have no idea of what will happen and, to paraphrase Edwyn Collins, the possibilities for great photos are endless?

So back to this collection of pictures, my ”Best Wedding Photography of 2018”. These are my favourite images that I have taken throughout this past year. All completely unposed documentary photographs, bar 2 or 3 relaxed portraits, which pretty much sums up my photographic style. It’s been a blast of a year; I’ve worked with brilliant couples in amazing locations and met some extraordinary people along the way.  A big thank you to all my couples, their families and friends for trusting me to tell your stories. It’s something I never take for granted and will always be grateful for.

LG x

best wedding photography of 2018
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I hope you enjoyed this collection of my Best Wedding Photography of 2018! If you’re looking for a documentary wedding photographer, and like the way I capture things, then get in touch and let’s talk weddings!

By Lyndsey

Award Winning wedding photographer working in London and throughout the UK. Voted the best UK wedding photographer in 2017 Wedding industry awards.


  1. Such a fantastic selection Lyndsey – since getting married I have been exposed to various different wedding photographers (or rather, I’ve noticed them and their styles/ways of shooting much more).. you’re still the best without question!

  2. Wow Lyndsey. Another year, another killer “best of”. A genuine joy to go though!!

    Love the bouquet toss (kid in sunglasses!!, Leg seen through the small doorway, the lady in a wheelchair doing her lipstick. I could go on and on!

  3. I mean….! That cheeky bum squeeze frame is awesome. Such an amazing set! What a year! Loved looking through those. Some truly awesome moments.

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